Treasures from the South I - Applies only to Non-Resident Foreigners


4 Days

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January 2023 / December 2023

Cities to visit: Trujillo, Chiclayo,

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Arrival to Trujillo City, reception and transfer to your hotel. Lodging.
Breakfast. Departure toward the “Templos del Sol y de la Luna” (Sun and Moon Temples or pyramids), build with millions of adobes (earthen bricks). These are the largest pre-Columbian structures in South America, where impressive friezes of interesting colors were discovered that can be witnessed at the Moon Pyramid. Afterwards visit to Chan Chan Citadel, this well-planned metropolis, the antique capital of the Chimu Empire, was totally build with adobe or earthen bricks. A stop will be made at the Huaca Dragon (4 kilometers North of Trujillo) for visiting this pyramidal adobe temple consecrated to the Rainbow, with beautiful bas reliefs and a small archeological museum. Lunch and visit to Huanchaco Beach. In the afternoon, visit to “El Brujo”, a significant two-square kilometer Mochica Complex, located in Casa Grande and Cartavio sugarcane fields (La Libertad). These findings include bas relief friezes representing scenes from the magical and religious Mochica’s world. Return to the hotel. At fixed time transfer to the bus station for your trip to Chiclayo City. Upon arrival, reception and transfer to your hotel. Lodging
Breakfast. Early in the morning, visit to Tucume – Pyramids Valley, important archeological complex that encloses 26 pyramids and which is located 33 kilometers North of Chiclayo. According to the legends, Cala, descendant of the mythical Naylamp, God of the ancient Chimu civilization, ruled on this valley. A Site Museum is located here. Visitors strolling by the pyramids can find on their way pottery and beads fragments. Afterwards, visit to the “Tumbas Reales” Museum located in Lambayeque, where the tomb found in 1987 became the most significant finding in the Western Hemisphere, and in the 1990’s the most valuable tombs series discovered worldwide during this century were found in this site. The Museum’s structures resemble a truncated pyramid formed by five prisms, with three floor levels, and its inside lodges a reconstruction of the Lord of Sipan’s Tomb. During this visit you will see gold pieces, pottery and jewelry. Lodging.
Breakfast. Half-day tour to Sipan - Huaca Rajada, which is one of the most significant findings in recent years. Due to its great value, this tomb is comparable to Tutankamon’s tomb in Egypt. During the years 1987-1988 when the tomb was discovered, Dr. Walter Alva, famous archeologist and discoverer of this site, took charge of its protection and study. There he found the intact remains of a dignitary or Lord of Hierarchy belonging to the Moche Culture. Transfer to the airport for your departure flight.

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