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Virtual Shops All they have to publish in their Customer Support section on information security in transactions with Visa cards, for which he provides the following information:

1. Payment by Visa Card

Transactions made with your Visa card, use a new service of Visa: Verified by Visa, which makes these transactions are authenticated and secure. In confirming the identities of cardholders, reducing the fraudulent e-commerce transactions or in dispute, and is a way to satisfy consumer concerns about online shopping.

2. What is Verified by Visa?

Verified by Visa is a new service that allows financial institutions to authenticate the identity of the cardholder during the payment process online purchases at merchants participating.

3. Benefits of Verified by Visa

  • Increased safety for consumers shopping online.
  • not require any special software applications to access device of the cardholder.
  • is easy to use. It only takes a password and your Visa card to purchase.

4. How it works

First, the cardholder must register for the service, one-time visiting the registration site of your bank. During the enrollment process, made by the cardholder is a series of questions for security purposes, after which, select a password to authenticate yourself, and remember a phrase that is used as message personal guarantee that the Issuing Bank as to authenticate a transaction.

5. 3-D SECURE: The technology behind Verified by Visa

3-D Secure protocol supports the new Visa payment service designed to enhance and validate payments made through the Internet. 3-D Secure is an authentication technology that uses encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and a Plug-in the Trade Server and verifies that informs participants for authentication during an online purchase. It also protects your payment information during transmission card online.

Buying Process Information

Enter booking details

First choice destination city, our search engine will show you all cities that match your search.
Continue entering:

  • arrival and departure,
  • The number of rooms
  • form of accommodation in the same
  • Click search.

Analyze Available hotels

At the top are the initial data of your search. The information displayed is organized from low to high price, it can also be sorted by name and category, plus you can refine your search by area or hotel name.

Select the best alternative

Enter hotels of interest and note the following:

  • Information: Shows the hotel category and a brief review.
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  • Hotel Description: Location, facilities, room service and information and additional information. In many cases, the hotel also shows other ways to map: satellite and hybrid.
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Enter booking details.

  • Enter user information from this website, confirm the type of room and passenger name.
  • If so, accept the terms of the hotel.
  • Check cancellation policy of booking.
  • Choose the payment method and review store policies.
  • Dar click OK and pay "

reserve Status:

Consider the following comments:

  • The display shows the status of the reserve, referring to the payment method chosen in the previous step.
  • The reserve has 24 hrs. before his fall by default.
  • booking proforma will be sent automatically to the email entered above.

Payment Means

deposit account:

can enter data from your deposit mail from the pro forma should be located only in the word click here and fill out the information requested.

We provide a transaction number which must be copied and filled in the web of affiliated bank in this system where the client has the current account, on that screen, you must enter the data provided through our website and we will proceed to automatically charge the account that you have in the bank.

Payments Offline 
MOTO system in which the corresponding form will be filled signed and sent for testing for and request the appropriate authorization for payment, enclose copies of your passport and making the payment card.

Verified by Visa 
Automatic charge to the card affiliated with this system just fill in the data.


This page is on a secure server and the information you provide will be encrypted for confidentiality.





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