General Conditions

All users of CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, agree that the access and use of this online shopping service are subjected to the conditions detailed below, as well as to Peruvian regulations on this issue.

Registration Policy

1. Customers in general can make reservations and buy directly, upon recording only that data required by the system for customers’ identification and that other required by the payment platform.

2. Travel agencies, in order to buy through CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, must register their data (that is of each individual user in the travel agency) and e-mail through the USER and PASSWORD option, which will remain registered for future purchases.

Services Policy

1. When the customer performs his purchase, his personal data will be automatically delivered to the e-commerce safety server of CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, thus protecting all his personal information before being transmitted online.

2. Carrusel Representaciones Sac’s Virtual Shop reserves its right to modify or increase any of the services’ access and use conditions. Information on these changes will be available for the user at Carrusel Representaciones Sac’s Virtual Shop’s site in

3. When assembling his order, the customer may be buying at CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, some unavailable services at that moment. In this case, CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store will confirm the availability of the required service or will offer other alternatives subjected to the customer's approval.

4. Opening hours for orders entry to CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; personalized assistance will be Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., except on holidays.


1. It is the customer's responsibility to update his travel documents: passport, visas, requested vaccines, etc.

2. Minors must count with a notarized permit for travelling within Peru and with the Juvenile Judge's approval for international trips, accordingly to Peruvian regulations and to that of those countries to be visited by the minor. Required age for booking accommodations: 21 years old and older. Identification will be required at booking time. Customers less than 21 years old can not book a room. A US$20.00 dollars fee plus taxes will be paid daily to the hotel.

3. CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, only acts as an intermediary between those entities providing the packages and/or touristic services contracted and the USER, being solely and exclusively responsible for organizing them. Hence, the USER may not held liable CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, for those causes beyond its competence. CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC is not responsible for any damage or delay derived from circumstances beyond its control. These circumstances include, but are not limited to, accidental causes: natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclones, storms, hurricanes, floods, fog, etc., as well as to force majeure: war, accidents, strikes, riots, civil demonstrations or unrest, etc., and to any loss, injury, accident, or any other irregular happening that may occur to the FINAL USER.

4. CARRUSEL.TRAVEL Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, acting on behalf of third parties, which sometimes send the information in the regular language of the Supplier. We recommend to our customers that if they do not understand the information you consult us before taking the service. 

Offers Policy

1. Destinations, tours, packages and accommodations offered at CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, are the same as those offered in our real store and have the same validity.

2. Price offers in CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, will be maintained for those orders issued by the customer since the starting date of the offer (00:00 hour, Peruvian time) until its deadline date (24:00 hours, Peruvian time), upon availability at the moment of issuing the order and upon reception by the customer of written conformation of his order.

Prices Policy

With regard to prices published in CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC:

1. All prices published at CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, are listed in US dollars.

2. Prices published at CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, do not include physical travel documents shipping costs to provinces and/or abroad, amount that must be paid by the customer. In the case of electronic tickets or vouchers, these will be sent to the e-mail address given by the customer during his registration.

3. Any changes performed on an airline ticket already issued are subjected to possible fare difference and penalty according to the airline's regulations. For this reason, we highly recommend not to ask for ticket issuance until having full certainty of no further modifications.

4. In some countries hotels charge additional taxes and local services directly to the passenger.

5.- By generating and confirming a booking, the customer accepts the price and terms shown in CARRUSEL.Travel website, even though if the price at the service's location point is different.

6.- CARRUSEL.Travel shows the information send by the operators; if this information is in another language rather than Spanish, the customer by performing a reservation, agrees to have understood all the information shown. In case he does not understand it fully, he should not make the booking.

Delivery Policies

1. Travel documents will be delivered to the e-mail address specified by the customer during his registration time, and in case of agreement between the parties, it will be sent physically to the address indicated by the customer, delivering it to the person found in this address.

2. In case of a delivery agreement, delivery cost will be added for those customers living in provinces and/or abroad.

3. For all physical deliveries performed, the person receiving the documentation must show an ID document and sign a delivery guide to the person in charge of bringing the order.

4. According to SUNAT regulations, all airline tickets must obligatorily specify the enterprise's RUC number if the ticket is invoiced to an enterprise, or the customer's DNI/ID/Passport/Alien Document in case of a personal purchase.

Exchange and Return Policies

1. CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, accepts changes only if the airline ticket, train ticket, tour, package, hotel booking, program and/or services allows so, and any penalty due to this action will be charged additionally to the customer.

2. It is only possible to cancel a package, service, airline ticket or hotel booking until before 6:00 p.m. of the issuance date, by paying the corresponding penalty. If after this period the customer decides not to travel, he must request reimbursement if considered appropriate, according to regulations stated by the airline or hotel or service owner. In the case of fares or contracts that do not allow reimbursement once issued, no refund will be given.

3. Please note that on the lower portion of your booking slip appears the cancellation deadline for a reservation, as well as the charges issued by the hotel contracted.

4. Reimbursement applications must be immediately presented and will only be valid in those cases that the airline ticket, train, tour, package, program, accommodations and/or services allow so. All expenses done affecting CARRUSEL.Travel, including direct expenses as well as operative and administrative expenses, will be discounted from said refund.

5. If returns is accepted by CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, accordingly to that stated in the above two statements, it will be refunded in the same way in which payment was done. Likewise, said refund may be used on account for any other service requested by the customer, if considered convenient, or if the service provider – airline, hotel or other touristic services provider contracted – sets this condition.

6. If the customer, whose reimbursement has been accepted by CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, is outside Peru, he will be refunded accordingly to the above statement or to both parties agreement.

7. For exchanges or refund applications, the customer must contact CARRUSEL.Travel Virtual Store belonging to Carrusel Representaciones SAC, through the following:

Telephone: (511) 2416500 international and domestic services. Fax: (511)4444970.

We accept